Little, Yellow, Different.

“PARTY ON, WAYNE.”  “PARTY ON, GARTH.” Please raise your hand if you instantly knew where those phrases began.  The 1992 film, Wayne’s World, is a spin-off from NBC’s sketch comedy, Saturday Night Live. The rock music lovers broadcast from on public-access television in Aurora, Illinois out of the basement of Wayne’s mom’s house. The comedy film … More Little, Yellow, Different.

Pass the Soap

    Dial is the world’s first antibacterial soap which was developed by a meat-packing company, Armour and Company, in 1948. Today’s advertisements have morphed from the claim of “removing bacteria that CAUSE perspiration odor,” to helping women “embrace their inner beauty.”  Their earlier advertisements would not fly today with the unscientific claims they make since … More Pass the Soap

Creative Marketing Strategies of the Minnesota Twins

Photo: 2010 Hopkins Raspberry Festival Royal Court at the Minnesota Twins game. The seasonal sport of baseball leaves no wiggle room for the Minnesota Twins baseball team in the arena of marketing. With 81 home games for fans to attend, they have to make the most out of every marketing second. According to Bloomberg Newsweek, … More Creative Marketing Strategies of the Minnesota Twins