Scam? No….

Microsoft Office, flower delivery, tips for people with A.D.H.D., evening dresses, sexy swimwear…In that exact order. These are the Facebook ads I see when I pull up my home screen. I sat for a second trying to figure WHY exactly this seemingly random list of items were listed. Besides the sexy swimwear, I could pin-point the webpage and reason behind each one.

Having a tons of papers and projects for school due explained my desperate search for new and interesting presentation formats. I hope I achieved that in my FREE downloads..only final grades will tell.

As described when I logged into Facebook, these ads reflected what I had organically searched for and NOT what I clicked on because I saw it advertised to me.  Facebook DOES inspire me though…Today I found this sewing pattern in the event that I decided to go that time-consuming way of obtaining clothes. I remember drawers and drawers of packages just like this in my mom’s sewing room while growing up.

Make Your Own Clothes








I’m thinking “First Day of School” outfit.

Of course email is the main vehicle for delivering offers directly to me. Having at least four email accounts for various purposes, each delivers their own set of marketing categories. Now that Gmail categorizes incoming mail to separate folders titled, “Inbox, Social, Promotions, Update, and Forums,” I can at least decide IF I want to click on the email with the forewarning that it’s junk. Every once in a while I am suckered into clicking on something that I raises my eyebrows. I mean, who WOULDN’T click on a letter from a non-existent Nigerian friend who’s down on their luck and is trying to protect their assets from corrupt government tax system!? I’m still waiting for my paycheck from when I was promised that  I could work from home in exchange for my bank account information….(Breath Holding)

Marketing is everywhere and it comes in all forms. Being a wise consumer, and knowing what’s real, will make you a more savvy shopper. Speaking of shopping,  please kindly send me your bank information and address so I can send you my latest one-piece outfit once it’s finished. I will fill you in with further details upon your swift reply. This transaction is of the utmost importance.

-Yours Truly



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